Building energy futures using
AI and smart technology

Using AWS, our platform combines advanced data analysis, AI, and robust cloud technology
to create smarter energy strategies and actively drive sustainable innovations forward

Cloud infrastructure

Robust cloud infrastructure meets
our energy management product


Built on Amazon Web Services

Our product is built on AWS, providing a strong and scalable cloud foundation. Utilising AWS's resources, we achieve unmatched reliability, security, and computational strength, crucial for managing vast energy data and complex processing needs.

Product technology

Navigating the future of energy with
smart data integrations and analysis


Data collection

Our technology begins with advanced data collection methods, harnessing a wide array of sources to gather comprehensive energy market information. This ensures a robust foundation for our analysis and insights.


Data processing

Utilising state-of-the-art data processing techniques, we transform raw market data into actionable intelligence. Our algorithms filter, analyse, and interpret data to identify trends and patterns crucial for energy procurement strategies.


Price projection

With the processed data, we employ predictive models to project future energy prices. This capability allows our customers to anticipate market movements and make informed decisions, leveraging our technology's predictive accuracy to strategise effectively.


User presentation

Finally, we present the data and insights through an intuitive user interface. This platform enables customers to easily access and understand complex market analysis, price projections, and strategic recommendations, all designed to support budget setting and maintenance based on financial years.

R&D insights

Shaping the future of energy with
AI-driven insights and innovation

Insights through AI

We're enhancing our platform with cutting-edge AI to provide deeper, more accurate market analyses. This technology drives our ability to deliver precise energy usage insights and forecasts.

Insights from infinitive data

Our commitment to comprehensive market intelligence involves integrating a broader range of data sources. This expansion ensures richer, real-time insights, empowering users with a fuller understanding of the energy landscape.

Real-time energy monitoring

We're developing capabilities to offer instant access to energy consumption data. This initiative aims to enable users to make immediate, informed decisions about their energy strategies.

Energy at your fingertips

Recognising the need for accessibility, we're creating a mobile app for our solution. This development focuses on providing users with the convenience of accessing our platform's insights on the go.

Partner networks

Transforming energy management
through strategic partner networks



Integrated supplier rates
and contract submission



Integrated market insights
and trends



Integrated AI-driven insights
and analytics



Integrated company lookup
and notifications

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