Innovative energy procurement
providing budget certainty

We envision transforming energy procurement for large consumers by merging AI-driven innovation
with sustainable management and procurement solutions in a complex energy marketplace

Our story

Nationwide Utilities charts path
of innovation with energyfalcon

Founded in 2000 following the deregulation of energy markets, Nationwide Utilities began its journey during a time of falling energy costs. As market dynamics shifted around 2004, with rising global oil prices and gas supply constraints, we adapted our approach. We pivoted from selling energy to providing strategic cost avoidance solutions, focusing on early and extended procurement periods.

This need for foresight laid the groundwork for Energy Falcon. The 2008 market upheaval spurred us to innovate further, employing top-tier talent from the banking sector to develop complex, manually-intensive solutions. By 2015, automation became key, with our first market-linked solution laying the foundation for the subsequent series of advanced tools designed to navigate market fluctuations effectively.

Each milestone reflects our commitment to providing client-centric, efficient, and forward-looking energy management solutions. Looking ahead, we're dedicated to innovation, through the use of AI, to address today's energy needs and prepare for future challenges.

Endless evolution

The rise and endless evolution
of the innovative energyfalcon

Leadership team

Decades of experience shaping
tomorrow's energy solutions


Alex Pinna

With 25 years of experience in the energy sector as a serial entrepreneur and initial investor, Alex oversees the company's growth and strategic direction


Sebastijan Bauman

Bringing over 20 years of experience in startups and multinational corporations across various sectors, Sebastijan manages product design and implementations

Innovative partnership

Empowering sustainable energy
with collaborative innovation


Future focused energy collaboration

Our partnership with Nationwide Utilities embodies a synergy of advanced technology and in-depth market experience. Together, we are committed to driving innovation in energy management. This collaboration leverages Nationwide Utilities' extensive knowledge and Energy Falcon's solutions, ensuring a future-focused approach to energy procurement and sustainability.

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